London’s pest problem is on the rise

18 Jul 2019

It’s a common adage that we are never more than 6ft away from a rodent. Though this statistic is not completely accurate across the UK, within urban areas like London, it’s likely that we are never too far from one.

Over the resent months, our Surveyors’ here at Somerset Consult have noticed an increase in pest infestations within homes, despite experts saying that less than half a percent of homes have pests.

Figures show that London councils receive an average of 40,000 complaints a year about pest problems. Tenants have been shown to raise issues about a number of pest issues including rats, pigeons, squirrels and moths. This issue is shown to be increasing rapidly along with London’s density as the city provides a natural place for pests such as mice and rats to seek shelter.

Whilst there is the obvious annoyance of sharing your home with a rodent, there is also the added worry on the effect that animal would have on your health with the diseases or parasites that each of these pests carry, such as bird mites.

It is unacceptable that councils and independent landlords allow their tenants to live in these conditions. On 20th March 2019 a new law called the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act came into force. This act will ensure that any rogue landlords who allow their tenants to live in uninhabitable conditions will be able to be easily taken to court by their tenants.

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