Somerset Consult is a leading and specialist construction consultancy, providing services in Dispute Resolution, Commercial Management and Building Surveying.

The company was established by David Somerset, former founder and Managing Director of Haley Somerset.

Somerset Consult provides expert services to clients across the UK and internationally.  The company employs a range of consultants, with extensive and broad knowledge in construction consultancy.  One of their areas of expertise lies in Construction and Engineering projects and in particular the quantum and time impact aspects for the purpose of evaluation, negotiation and settlement or formal resolution of claims.  The team are highly specialised consultants, particularly in the M&E field, with vast experience in ICC Arbitration and Adjudications and acting as Quantum Experts and Expert Witnesses.

The reputation of Somerset Consult has been earned by its dedication to quality and client satisfaction. Clients include owners, landlords, government authorities, developers, contractors, sub-contractors, insurers and other organisations involved in the construction industry.