Tackling Construction Industry Issues ‘Global Construction Success’ Book Launch

17 May 2019

The construction industry is in crisis – what are the issues and what recommendations can be made for a much healthier industry?

Charles O’Neil with contributions from 18 industry leaders, including David Somerset, are celebrating their highly acclaimed new book, ‘Global Construction Success’.

The new book analyses industry issues and serves as a guide to effective corporate and project management in the construction industry, with a focus on the role that people play in the process.

‘Global Construction Success’ explores the importance that human dynamics play in risk management of construction projects. Every time a project is structured, designed and built, personal behaviours and inputs can either lead to success or be the cause of failure. With contributions from noted experts on the topic, the book offers insight into stakeholders’ reactions in a variety of situations, provides expert analyses of risk management and proposes potential solutions and recommendations in order to ensure effective construction management.

‘Understanding and Managing Difficult Client/ Contractor Relationships’, written by David Somerset, discusses the challenges and provides best practice approaches often faced in this problematic area.

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