3 Easy Ways to Prevent Damp and Condensation in your Home

23 Aug 2019

The Climate in the UK is known to be very damp. The UK has what is known as an oceanic climate, where the airflow is influenced by the sea. As the ocean takes longer to heat up and cool down, we end up with warmer winters and cooler summers. This fast change in temperate also means that our homes are more prone to damp conditions.
Recent research released by Rentokil Property Care has shown that over 5 million renters in the UK have experienced damp and condensation issues, with over 2 million renters claiming to have become ill as a direct result of the housing condition.

Our Surveyors have explained below the easiest 3 ways to help prevent damp and condensation in your property.

1. Moisture in the Kitchen

The use of extractor fans will reduce moisture in the kitchen. Use during cooking and ideally for a short while after to remove as much moisture as possible.

2. Steam in the bathroom

Bathrooms are easily steamed up, especially in the winter when there is a harsher contrast to the external temperature. By using an extractor fan or opening a window whilst showering the level of condensation in the room will dramatically decrease.

3. Drying Clothes

Wherever possible, dry clothes outside to prevent an excess of moisture in your home. If a tumble drier is used then it should be ventilated outside the property, and if you must dry clothes inside then a window should be open.

These three steps will go a long way to helping prevent condensation in your home by removing excess moisture.

If you feel that you are doing these things, and still have a damp issue, and are in need to an independent and reliable surveyor, please contact us on 0870 991 7749